Reception Signs Production in Toronto

A reception sign is an important piece of your marketing strategy, and delivers one of the first impressions of your brand to visitors! You’ll want to give the right impression to both clients and employees, and with the help of Creative Silhouettes team yours will be the office reception signs Toronto are impressed by! Whatever the feel you want – corporate and trendy, neat and tidy, old school conservative – we will create the office signs and capture your brand. And you can display it proudly for your visitors, customers and employees alike!

More to know about our Reception Signs

There are a variety of material substrates used in the sign industry. But today for cost effectiveness and beautifully finished looks, we offer a few common choices – plexi glass (acrylic), PVC, and aluminum composite.

For metallic finishes we offer ‘Octolux’ aluminum, available in gold and silver brushed or polished.Colours and graphics are provided by applying adhesive vinyl – either digitally printed or cut – and/or paint to the surfaces.Cut to size by CNC router and laser machines, shapes and sizes are produced to the specifications of your design.

Custom orders allow for any size you require. Most common acrylic thicknesses we use are ¼” up to ¾”. PVC allows for greater thicknesses up to 1 ½”.Signs are fastened flush to the wall, or raised from the wall commonly 3/8” to 1” in height. The standard method for individual cut shapes and letters is pad/pin mounts fastened to the back of the material. With one piece signs, the post & fastener ‘standoff’ is an attractive & popular option. Custom design allows you to decide.

Full coverage full colour graphics can be printed on various materials depending on your preference. Options are opaque (block out), translucent (light filtering), and perforated (see through). Opaque or translucent vinyl will prevent any view through the glass in either direction. Perforated vinyl allows a view in one direction from the inside out. All three allow for beautiful print that will demand the attention of each passerby.

This can also be a temporary and removable option, depending on the vinyl used.

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